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For welcome festive celebrations all year round. Season Bakery shares the love and cheer together with you. Enjoy great moments with an irresistible array of traditional cakes and assorted delicious cookies for your loved ones, because they deserve the best.


Season Hari Raya


From mouthwatering kuih lapis layered with love alongside rich heritage of cookies variety to choose from, one is definitely spoilt for choice, traditionally made, Season's Raya cookies is baked for loved ones or an open house bites in mind.

  Season Hari Raya  
  Season Hari Raya  
  Season Hari Raya  
  Season Hari Raya  

Season Deepavali


Cookies are the highlight of every Indian festival. This Deepavali, let Season light up your homes with our festive cookies.


Season Moon Cake


Presenting a collection of exquisite handcrafted treasures to delight the inner gourmands and mooncake lovers alike. Comes the highly coveted range of both traditional and contemporary snowskin mooncakes. Indulge in the mooncake Season Confectionary and Bakery has to offer alongside a cup of fragrantly brewed tea, paying homage to the finest taste in life.


Season Christmas


A celebrated tradition to be jolly when you celebrate with Season. Relish in an exclusive experience with delectable indulgences ranging from luscious cakes to assorted range of seasonal cookies. For cherished moments, only at Season.

  Chinese New Year  

Season Chinese New Year


Usher in Chinese New Year with amazing seasonal confectionary and pastries. As symbol of good luck and fortune in bite size, choose from the all time favorite pineapple tart, traditional pastries to assorted cookie selections to your liking. Also ideal for the perfect Chinese New Year gifts as the baked goods are beautifully packaged, designed to capture hearts and attention.

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